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The items shown on our Featured Products page are some of our customers' favorite fragrances and flavors.  To sample more, click the category drop-down menus under soaps, lip balms or skin care.  And be sure to check out our "4 for $21" discounts on multiple soap purchases.  Mix and match lip balms too - "3 for $5".


 People who are  born comfort seekers know the art of responsible self-indulgence.

They can nurture  their body, mind, and soul without having to convince themselves
that they're worth it. If relaxation and comfort don't exactly come naturally to you, they can be learned with a little practice.

To start, click on any of the product categories on the menu bar above, or to see the entire line of offerings, click on the "Product Catalog" tab.  Use the drop-down menus to see all the choices in each category. Click on the link under each item to see its unique set of features.

Welcome to the place where Comfort Seekers find products to help them relax. Use the drop-down menus above to go directly to product listings.

Don't miss our special pricing for multiple orders of soap or lip balm.  Soap ($6.25 each) = 4 for $21, Lip Balm ($2 each) = 3 for $5.  And, with soap, you'll receive a FREE 4oz. molded bar with every 4-bar purchase, just because you're a special Comfort Seeker and you deserve it. Use the Feedback page to tell us what fragrance you'd like for your "bonus bar", or let us provide a little surprise with "Larry's choice". It's a great way to sample new fragrances.

Be sure to check out our News and Calendar page for a list of all our upcoming public shows and Fall and Holiday Boutiques.  And if you have any questions, just call



Shown here are just a few of the  50 different soap fragrances from which to choose.

The Comfort Seeker provides products for comfort and relaxation.  Everything is made by hand in small batches and all ingredients are free of animal products.  All formulas are created by the ComfortSeeker and contain no unnecessary chemicals, detergents, hardeners, fillers, lye, or other icky stuff.  The soaps are pure vegetable glycerin with fragrance oils.

Lip Comforts have no petroleum and are mostly beeswax with lucious, guilt-free flavors added, and every effort is made to use minimal packaging and earth-friendly resources. Click the tabs on the menu bar above to find our soaps, lip balms and lotions, and indulge in the personal comfort only another Comfort Seeker can understand.  Are  you a ComfortSeeker?  We think you are.

We welcome your suggestions for our website.  If you have any difficulties or ideas on what you would like to see included, just go to the "Feedback" page and let us know.  We will try to accommodate your request.